The Path

The Path

From our Easter Sunday photo shoot with the Hawaii Photo Forum and our friend Kalia & her friends as models. Great shoot

I just might be crazy

So lets just take stock here for a second…I’m a Father, a soon to be Husband (long overdue I know), a Resident Manager, an Aikido Sensei and the Secretary of my aikido club’s Board of Directors, a Professional Photographer (toy photos but still), a Photographer’s Assistant, an Ametur Actor with dreams of a professional carrier in the future, and as if all of that is not enough I’ve just added batender back to my list of titles….yup crazy I be!

but hey I’ve lost 5 pounds since I started dieting and soon it looks like I’ll be taking on the Insanity Workout Plan….definately off my rocker.

83 Days till “I Do”

Up at 8…which is sleeping in for me and did a guided meditation with the Leela Demo I got from the XBox game market. The Demo only unlocks the first of many guided meditations and mind sharpening games. After that if was time for some more Just Dance 3…hooray. Now the fam and I are off for breakfast with Grandma, grocery shopping, a photo shoot with Nikki’s next client, and then a gathering at a friends house this evening. Today I will remember to EAT SLOWLY! and keep my coffee black.